Bluerise unveils OTEC Advanced Research Prototype

Bluerise recently officialy opened its OTEC Advanced Research and Demonstration Prototype at Delft University of Technology. By using a non-azeotropic working fluid, the prototype has a much improved efficiency and hence lower cost of produced power compared to standard ORC-based OTEC systems.

OTEC Advanced Research Prototype
OTEC Advanced Research Prototype

As part of the opening ceremony, Curaçao Airport Holding N.V. and Bluerise B.V. have signed an Memorandum of Understanding for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to further strengthen their cooperation in realizing a 100kW onshore OTEC pilot plant.
Under the projected PPA, Bluerise will sell power to CAH and CAH will make available cold water from its Sea Water Airconditioning (SWAC) system to be used in Bluerise’ OTEC plant. “Combined with the synergetic advantages of other deep seawater technologies, as outlined in our Ecopark design, we firmly believe that OTEC will prove to be a very attractive and essential part of future island energy systems, with its baseload and low cost electricity production”, says Remi Blokker, CEO of Bluerise.
For more information: Bluerise’s press release