The Ocean Thermal Energy Association has accepted management of otecnews.org and will act as caretaker of the great amount of effort and work from founder Thomas Bjelkeman and follow on work by the OTEC Foundation and other volunteers. All the historical posts are still here, and together, the OTEA will work to improve and modernize the site, create new content, and work to bring all international efforts on ocean thermal and related technologies to the wider world.

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Otecnews.org brings the latest news, project developments, and events around Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and is part of the OTEC foundation. The purpose of the OTEC foundation with the OTEC news website is to centralize and organize the current scattered information on OTEC, educate the public and raise global awareness by providing factual OTEC information and news, and to make sure that OTEC development is accelerated by bringing all the different parties together. Building a support base among politicians, government administrators, media pundits and industry experts is crucial for OTEC to cross the gap to full commercial deployment.
Otecnews.org was founded in late 2001 by Thomas Bjelkeman. Thomas successfully developed and managed the website and soon it became the main source for OTEC news. Late 2011, a team of dedicated OTEC parties, including Thomas Bjelkeman, Remi Blokker and Berend Jan Kleute, decided to continue and update the website in a collaborative effort which became the OTEC foundation.
About the OTEC foundation
The OTEC foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 by multiple international parties dedicated to accelerate the development of OTEC. The foundation aims to achieve that, amongst others, by improving information supply, stimulating knowledge transfer and by bringing all the parties together.
The OTEC foundation is meant to be a collaborative effort by OTEC parties for OTEC parties. Everyone interested or involved in OTEC development is invited to contribute to the success of the OTEC foundation, for example, by writing an article for the otecnews.org or sharing the news on social media.
For more information about the OTEC foundation, please visit the website: http://otecfoundation.org or e-mail us at info@otecfoundation.org. We welcome any suggestions that help to achieve the main goals of the OTEC foundation.
OTECnews.org team

Content managers:

Left to right: Patrick Grandelli, Giles Brown, Sathia, Berend Jan Kleute, Martin Brown, Benjamin Martin
OTECnews.org team meeting during the 7th OTEC symposium in South Korea (left to right: Patrick Grandelli, Giles Brown, Sathia, Berend Jan Kleute, Martin Brown, Benjamin Martin)