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This section of OTEC News contain articles produced for OTEC News or material which we have had permission to republish.
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), December 1999, by Dr. Luis Vega.
The paper is also available in PDF format (664 kbyte). This paper is part of our introduction, What is OTEC? and Dr. Vega kindly gave us the permission to republish this paper on the OTECnews site. Dr. Luis Vega has worked extensively with OTEC research and is Program Manager at the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research(PICHTR)
Curaçao seawater air-conditioning, SWAC, 9 July 2008, by Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson.
Evelop is building a seawater air-conditioning system in Curaçao. This article looks a bit closer at the opportunity and what results can be expected.
Mist lift OTEC, 19 April 2005, by Stuart Ridgeway.
Stuart Ridgway, who worked on Mist lift OTEC in the early ’80s has published a new paper on the feasibility of Mist lift OTEC in the light of the increasing costs of keeping fossil fuels as the primary energy source for the world.
Cost implications of combined power generation and seawater desalinatin by Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), published 20 November 2006, by Dominic Michaelis and
Jerome Tomasi.
Dominic Michaelis the co-designer of the Energy Island OTEC platform concept, together with Jerome Tomasi have written a paper which compares the costs of using reverse osmosis to make fresh water from seawater with the cost of doing the same with an open cycle OTEC plant.
Other papers and articles
Energy Ocean 2005, 31 May 2005, Richard Meyer
The Energy Ocean 2005 conference was held in April in Washington D.C., and Richard Meyer, the president at the Ocean Energy Council has written a brief review of the conference. Richard says among other things: “While having congressional support is obviously useful, I reminded the attendees that the original Ocean Energy Council, over 20 years ago, concentrated all of its efforts on lobbying, succeeded in having 2 major OTEC bills signed into to law, only to have ‘the plug pulled’ by a new administration which dissolved all renewable nergy support.”