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Solar boosted OTEC

April 22, 2008 Archive 0

An interesting theoretical paper on solar boosted OTEC [PDF] systems by Noboru Yamada, Akira Hoshi and Yasuyuki Ikegami, the latter working at Institute of Ocean […]

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Reverse Osmosis versus OTEC

November 23, 2006 Archive 0

Dominic Michaelis the co-designer of the Energy Island OTEC platform concept, together with Jerome Tomasi have written a paper which compares the costs of using […]

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The OTEC Liaison

May 21, 2006 Archive 0

The newsletter The OTEC Liaison was published from 1977 to 1983. Although old, these contain a lot of useful OTEC information. Richard Meyer of The […]

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Fresh water from the sea

February 2, 2002 Archive 0

Saga University presents a new paper: Technology of Seawater Desalination Using Natural Energy using OTEC technology for the The 3rd World Water Forum. I can […]