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IOA Winter newsletter

February 23, 2003 Archive 0

The International OTEC Association’s Winter 2002 Newsletter is out. The main piece is about George Claude’s Cuban OTEC Experiment in the 1930s. There is a […]

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IOA Autumn newsletter

November 23, 2002 Archive 0

The International OTEC Association’s Autumn 2002 Newsletter is out. It has three major pieces in it: a global future energy scenarios, a description of the […]

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Reduced drag on pipes

October 1, 2002 Archive 0

In their paper “Passive control of VIV with drag reduction. J. Fluids and Struct. 15, pp 597-605, 2001” J.C.Owen, P.W.Bearman and A.A.Szewczyk, talk about drag […]

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OTEC article library

July 2, 2002 Archive 0

Phil Kopiske has gone through the great effort of photocopying his OTEC article archive and sent it to us to add to our library. Thanks […]

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OTEC Overview

March 29, 2002 Archive 0

The paper Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), December 1999, by Dr. Luis Vega is now available on the OTECnews site, by kind permission of the […]