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Reduced drag on pipes

October 1, 2002 Archive 0

In their paper “Passive control of VIV with drag reduction. J. Fluids and Struct. 15, pp 597-605, 2001” J.C.Owen, P.W.Bearman and A.A.Szewczyk, talk about drag […]

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Pump station for NELHA

July 27, 2002 Archive 0

Slightly old news by now, but NELHA is soliciting bids for a pump station for the 55-inch pipeline which they recently got installed.

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IOA Spring 2002 newsletter

June 6, 2002 Archive 0

The International OTEC/DOWA Association OTEC news letter spring 2002 edition is out. In it you will find articles about the NELHA pipeline deployment, Energy Islands […]

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What a drag

March 22, 2002 Archive 0

Attaching what looks like fungus on a tree trunk to offshore platform legs or ocean pipes can help reduce forces due to drag and vortex […]

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Serious pipe work

March 15, 2002 Archive 0

The Honolulu Star Bulletin has an article on the 55 inch pipleline [cached] that NEHLA has worked for the last twelve years to put in […]

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In the Pipeline

February 2, 2002 Archive 0

The January 2002 issue of NEHLA’s newsletter Pipeline is out. As usual, NEHLA Pipeline contains a whole host of insight into running a shorebased seawater […]