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OTEC and CO2 sequestration

July 3, 2008 Archive 0

Christopher Barry, has an article on OTEC and CO2 sequestration at This article also discusses the subject of dissolved CO2 in the deep water […]

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No more Arctic Ice

October 31, 2003 Archive 0

The Independent and The Washington Times report that the arctic seawater ice is rapidly disappearing. In some areas the ice cover has thinned as much […]

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No Kyoto down-under

June 6, 2002 Archive 0

Australia stops the ratification of the Kyoto agreement, even though they have signed it, claiming it will costs jobs and damage their industry, despite that […]

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More carbon under the rug

December 14, 2001 Archive 0

Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory show how artificially created calcium bicarbonate, using limestone, can be used to lock up carbon in the ocean. This […]