Auditors descend on NELHA

According to an article in West Hawaii Today the state auditors will resolve whether NELHA is overcharging for its deep water to the mariculture tenants or not. The rising costs have been an issue for some time and now it seems the issue is coming to a head.
I am sure that the issues are not easy to understand from afar. But to lay the blame at the door of NELHA for failure in making OTEC happen in Hawaii, like Syd Kraul, owner of Pacific Planktonics, seems to be doing in a statement: “I am of the opinion that the aquaculture companies at NELHA have provided financial support for a very costly group of government employees and kept NELHA alive despite their failure in their missions relating to energy” is in my opinion downright churlish or ignorant. The failure to make OTEC happen in the US lies firmly at the door of the Department of Energy and the U.S. government. (Of course, knowing how these things happen, he was probably miss-quoted.)