ABS issues OTEC power plant design

The American Bureau of Shipping, a marine and offshore classification service provider, has issued its first Approval in Principle (AIP) for two new offshore OTEC power plant designs with a capacity of 25MW and 100MW. The power plant is located in a moored spar and uses closed-cycle ammonia process to produce electrical power for commercial use.

Barry Cole, OTEC international’s (OTI) Executive Vice President and Director of Technology Development  explains the uniqueness of these plants: “OTI has integrated the OTEC power block into a large floating vessel, in this case a spar, for an economically and environmentally-efficient means of converting solar energy from the tropical oceans into affordable electricity”

Ian Simpson, ABS Director of Offshore Technology and Business Development, Americas Division agrees: “This concept combines proven offshore principles with off-the-shelf power, technology and proprietary innovations, all assembled in a unique way. The design application illustrates how ABS is able to use its novel concept approach and guidance to provide review of a concept within the framework of established safety standards.”

OTEC power plant design