Kumejima Town Energy Vision 2020 includes OTEC

Kumejima Energy Vision 2020 Coverpage

According to the Global Ocean reSource and Energy Association (GOSEA), Kumejima Town in Okinawa Prefecture Japan released its “Energy Vision 2020” at the end of the Japan FY2020. Energy Visions are used by governments in Japan to layout strategies and outlooks for energy use. The full document is available online in Japanese.

The document outlines and ambitious goal to reach 100% renewable energy by 2040 (pg. 60). After considering the local factors and needs of the island, results are summarized in a roadmap that includes1,000kW-scale onshore OTEC as well as offshore OTEC of 5MW-scale.

Source: http://www.gosea.info/en/release-of-kumejima-town-energy-vision-2020/

In the roadmap (pg. 93) 1MW-scale is included in 2025, while the offshore larger-scale facility is included in 2035. In the final 2040 simulation, energy demand is expected to be supplied by a combination of OTEC, PV, and renewably sourced transportation such as EV, Biofuel, etc.

Editor’s Note: The content of this article was provided by GOSEA.