5th International OTEC Symposium

The 5th International OTEC Symposium will be held at the beautiful island of La Réunion, from 7th to 9th November 2017. La Réunion is an overseas French Island situated in the Indian Ocean with a working Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) land-based pilot, co-funded by NAVAL Energies and the Regional Council.


OTEC land-based pilot at La Réunion

  • OTEC Policies & Finance
  • OTEC Project & Opportunity
  • OTEC  Technology
  • Scientific Challenges
  • Environmental & Social Impacts
  • OTEC standardisation and certification

This conference edition follows the earlier editions held in Hawaii in 2013, Korea in 2014, Malaysia in 2015 and in The Netherlands in 2016.
For registration, the website is: OTECSymposium2017.univ-reunion.fr.

La Reunion island
La Reunion island