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Pump station for NELHA

July 27, 2002 Archive 0

Slightly old news by now, but NELHA is soliciting bids for a pump station for the 55-inch pipeline which they recently got installed.

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No Kyoto down-under

June 6, 2002 Archive 0

Australia stops the ratification of the Kyoto agreement, even though they have signed it, claiming it will costs jobs and damage their industry, despite that […]

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OTEC Overview

March 29, 2002 Archive 0

The paper Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), December 1999, by Dr. Luis Vega is now available on the OTECnews site, by kind permission of the […]

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Serious pipe work

March 15, 2002 Archive 0

The Honolulu Star Bulletin has an article on the 55 inch pipleline [cached] that NEHLA has worked for the last twelve years to put in […]

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Fresh water from the sea

February 2, 2002 Archive 0

Saga University presents a new paper: Technology of Seawater Desalination Using Natural Energy using OTEC technology for the The 3rd World Water Forum. I can […]