Japan Supported Project toward Development of Advanced Hybrid OTEC in Malaysia

The Japan Science and Technology Agency last month announced seven new SATREPS (Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development) projects for FY2018 including a collaborative research program between the Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

SatrepsThe collaborative research is entitled “Project for Development of Advanced Hybrid Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Technology for Low Carbon Society and Sustainable Energy System: First Experimental OTEC Plant of Malaysia.”

This study is aimed at introducing a new model for Malaysia based on a low-carbon sustainable infrastructure system that supplies electric power by OTEC for Malaysia by the abundant temperature difference between surface and deep seawater layers. Specifically, the researchers propose a new “hybrid” OTEC suitable for Southeast Asia including Malaysia. This system will utilize water vapor rather than seawater in the evaporator to heat a working fluid, reducing the amount of titanium required in the main heat exchanging equipment. In addition to improving the heat-transfer coefficient, they aim to establish a technology to prevent degradation of performance due to marine contamination.
Through combined use of DSW used in OTEC, they will create a “Malaysian Model” of industry structured on deep seawater and other businesses applicable to the region of Malaysia. In this project, they will set up a demonstration of H-OTEC in Malaysian waters. Details on this project will be introduced at the 6th International OTEC Symposium (9/26-27, 2018) http://otecsymposium.okinawa/en/
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