OTEC projects

OTEC projects around the world

Today, multiple exciting new OTEC developments are picking up worldwide. To keep track of these developments, the OTEC foundation initiated a project portal providing an overview of all relevant ongoing projects. The aim is to help you gain insight into OTEC and the market.
Each project will be included in the interactive map above. The red icons represent the OTEC projects and the grey represents the Seawater Air-conditioning (SWAC) projects. Other shaped icons will be in place to represent other categories like project status (e.g. planned, consented, under construction and operational) too. For more information about a certain project, you can click on an icon. This will open the project page describing further details, such as the project status, size and estimated timeline. Also, in the right column of a project page the related news items and entities will be listed.
To build up the project database and keep it up to date, we ask the organizations that are involved in an OTEC project and would like to share information about it, to please contact us. We would love to hear from you.
When the database is complete and up to date, the OTEC foundation aims to provide some statistical data too, such as the total OTEC capacity installed, market growth and indentified trends.