Heatwave, an indication of what to come

New Scientist has an article about how the recent European “Heatwave’s warning for the future of farming“. Specifically they quote research by Jørgen Olesen fo the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Tjele and Marco Bindi of the University of Florence in Italy. Their analysis predict that in Southern Europe, temperature changes will lead to water shortages and lower crop yields, and agriculture could cease althogether in the most parched regions. “With drier conditions in the south, it will be difficoult to maintain dairy production, for example, and there will be parts of southern Europe where agricultural production is no longer viable,” says Olesen. “If there’s competition for [water], urban areas will probably win over agriculture.”
Scientist have been predicting for some time what the effects of global warming will be. However, nothing brings it home as experiencing some of the effects first hand. Time to investigate the Seawater Greenhouse for use in southern Europe perhaps?