Energy Ocean 2004

Dave Kuhl reminds us that, although it is probably too late if you weren’t planning to go already, Energy Ocean 2004 conference is on for 28-29 June in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. There are some interesting presentations announced:
The Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) located on the Big Island of Hawaii will talk about the Lab’s programs, OTEC projects and its newest NELHA Gateway program as well as other exciting programs centered around its deep (cold) water facility.
Gain insight into a U.S. company’s, privately funded, $40 million OTEC plant planned for installation on an island in the Caribbean.
Hear about the imminent installation of a series of 3 MW underwater turbines that will be installed in the Gulf Stream off South Florida at a depth of 200 feet in 3-4 knots of current and capable of producing constant electrical power to the grid. The turbines are also capable of producing Hydrogen for power generation. The US Navy is designing the turbines and will assist in the monitoring of the turbines offshore.